Behind the Film Camera.

A Film Blog Behind the Scenes look – See the Westpoint Films Crew & Equipment in Action.

  • Filming a series of 7 employee videos for NSNW. Wait, for whom? First, thanks Dani from Pomcanys for choosing to work with us! Every Swiss person driving a car, will latest know the term 'NSNW' after watching one of our clips we

  • The future of Electric Cars – his personal view. Nick started collecting small model cars in his childhood and loved the ones which had the "Pininfarina" tag on the side – Now he is part of the Mahindra Pininfarina crew, developing

  • We are all fans of Mama. For Mothers Day in Switzerland, our client McDonald's came up with a lovely idea: The football stars of two top Premiere League Clubs, Young Boys Bern and FC Basel, thanked their moms with a unique

  • London.Where the great Film Studios are being kept alive.And… Baked Beans. 1 year ago, Urs Rüegg was hired as Director of Photography (DoP) by Saddington Baynes to film and have a close eye on the new Julius Bär Commercials. The Malcom Ryan

  • 80 people attended our casting call last week, which we organised to discover new faces needed for a series of 6" Bumper Ads. Westpoint Films won a pitch to produce a series of short commercials for a Swiss retailer. To

  • Yesterday we shot some photos for our Website. We needed some new photos for our own website. The weather was lovely so we decided to grab some equipment and go outside and take some spontaneous pictures of Alex and Urs

  • Big Mac Food Film Production. Filming Food is always a big challenge. Accepted! We only work with real food. Real burger buns, meat patties, vegetables and sauces. For shoots like these we work together with professional Foodstylists in a controlled environment (Studio). The

  • Battista, we love this car! As we are a lot of ‘boys’ in our Westpoint Films crew, and some of us car enthusiasts, it felt like an early Christmas when Automobili Pininfarina called us up to film their new hypercar called "Battista" :) Automobili Pininfarina approached

  • Ever tried eating a McFlurry while skydiving from a helicopter? One of the most fun stunts we filmed … But, whoever tried to eat an ice while skydiving can tell: It's a mess! So we chartered 2 helicopters from Swiss Helicopter (great

  • We produced a series of three commercials for Sunrise Communications AG back in Summer 2017. To film the Go-Kart spot, we went on location scouting for a small race track in Switzerland, which fitted the Storyboard we created together with an