Live Streaming & Video Conference Solutions

Rethinking Corporate Communication in 2020, Westpoint Films has adapted, producing professional Live Streaming Events and Broadcasting from your office to the world.

Since the world has to rethink their communication strategies, Westpoint Films has adapted and came up with solutions towards producing live broadcasts, streamings and live recordings, at your location or in our studio, with personal contact reduced to a safe minimum.

Live Streaming / Broadcasting

We will stream your speech, talk round, internal announcement, Zoom meeting, Skype call, MS teams meeting etc. in a professional manner with sophisticated equipment to make sure that your feed is reaching your audience seamlessly.

Live Recording

To have your live stream / broadcast back-up’ed, we can record the live feeds as already graded mp4 in-cam. After the event you will receive this footage.

Main In-House Equipment

– Blackmagic ATEM mobile setup
– 4G / 5G streaming hub
– 2x C200 cameras (3rd one optional)
– Full light setup
– Client LED monitor
– MacPro streaming device w. software
– Sennheiser lavalier audio solution
– In-ear pods for client
– Cart for mobile setup