Automobili Pininfarina 'Battista'

Automobile / Brand / Concept

“Battista” The new 1925 horespower hypercar by Automobili Pininfarina. We love it!

When you create a car that literally is made to stand at the pinnacle of your legacy, you give it a special christening. Pininfarina has unveiled their most powerful automobile yet. Named after the person who began it all, the car (which was referred to as Project PF0 until now) is being called Pininfarina Battista, after the company’s founder, Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina.

Automobili Pininfarina approached Westpoint Films in November 2018, deciding to produce their video and photography content with us in Europe. As we are a lot of ‘boys’ in our crew, it felt like an early Christmas!

On a very short notice, again, we were sent to Torino to shoot this dream of a car. Here you go with the Battista still covered. It will be unveiled in Geneva at the International Automobile-Salon early 2019.




Westpoint GmbH


A couple of Canon C200 and … less than 1 hour time!