McDonald's Big Mac

Food / Brand / Commercial

McDonald’s Big Mac. Oh wait, Big Mac Bacon – We love it!

For all of you bacon lovers, the Big Mac is now available for only a short time with bacon.
And from now on all the McDonald’s bacon-products use only the finest Swiss bacon from Malbuner.

Westpoint Films produced this Film/Animation – filming real burgers, carefully put together by a known food stylist (like, real food, no CGI or plastic added) with our RED Epic Helium camera, a complex construct for turning the burgers until we were happy with the shot, as well as the complete Post Production including Animations, Color Grading and Voice Over for this TV Commercial Tag-On.

I guess you’re hungry now, so just head to the next McDonald’s and treat yourself with a Bic Mac … Bacon!




Westpoint GmbH


RED Epic Helium, lovely light setup and … a very complex construction for turning the burgers. No CGI, all real!