Porsche Cayenne Coupé

Brand Awareness

Shaped by Performance

For the new Porsche Cayenne Coupé we were briefed to edit a couple of Videos with existing footage.

The produced Video ratios are 16:9 for Social Media usage and a special format of 9:16 with low mps which is being screened on E-Panels at the International Airport of Zürich in the Business and First Class lounges.

Westpoint produced 2 types of Videos – Design and Performance, each with a different pace to it. While the Design Video tells the story of the cars look, the Performance Video rather shows the power of the Cayenne Coupé.

The trickiest part was, to cut together the Videos with the given material, which was delivered Full HD at 30fps, mostly short and fast pace scenes, where we needed to slow down the pace for the Airport screens (regulations).

Done. Agency and client happy.




Westpoint Films


Editing of diverse Clips.