Rivulis Irrigation

Image Film / Product Video

No water. No life.

Rivulis Irrigation cam to us with a special task, capturing a plant dying due lack of water during a period of 2 months.

We set up a small studio with a continuous daylight source for the plant, so it won’t die due to lack of light.
Putting up a Canon 5D II with a fixed aperture lens on a tripod and a automatic remote controlled timer, taking a photograph every 20 minutes, we hooked it up to an external power source with a v-mount in case of power failure, just to be safe.

Checking on the setup twice a day, we saw the plant diminishing “nicely”.

After a couple of months time, we ended the project and were overwhelmed while playing back the time-lapse in 300x speed!

The final video was then edited together with the client.




Westpoint Films


Time-lapse shoot
Post Production