Westpoint Showreel 2018


Westpoint Films Showreel 2018 – Snippets of what we produced lately.

It’s about eating an ice cream while skydiving. Or drinking milk in a cow shed. And race cars. Yes, only epic moments … !?

In 2018 Westpoint Films had a lot of interesting projects on the table, travelled quite a lot and had great fun producing various types of films for Start-Up’s in the financial sector, food giants, cars and well known pharmaceutic brands.

The crew at Westpoint Films daily seeks to achieve the best results in filmmaking together with the clients and given tasks.

We love to be challenged!


Westpoint GmbH




Westpoint GmbH


RED Epic, Canon C200s, Helicopters, Dollies, Gimbals and Lenses from Canon, Sigma and Angineux. And love!