ZVV Nachtzuschlag

Automobile / Brand / Concept

Short Commercial for the ZVV Public Transport Night Ticket.

ZVV (Zürcher Verkehrsbund) is running the trains, trams and buses in Zürich, Switzerland.

On weekends they run night trains. For 5.– (Swiss Francs) extra, you can ride form one end to the other… or enter the train in Zürich town after a wild party night and get home safely and rather cheap.

Westpoint Films produced this short commercial exclusively for the Streetparade 2018, the biggest party in the world. Many ten-thousand’s of people took advantage of this offer and took the train from A to B.

The commercial ran on dozens of screens in town during the Streetparade.




Westpoint GmbH


1 night with the RED Epic Helium.